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Re: does my husband still love me

At least you have some kind of sorry from him. I don't know how sincere it is as a real sorry would bear fruit and show in his relationship with you. That you had an EA as well doesn't help but you have to start from where you are.

It will take both of you to mend things and for a new start to happen. The past has to be dealt with with both of you expressing a sincere sorry for what you both did without blaming the other for it. I think this is the current thing to work on.

After that the mitigating circumstances will need to be addressed such as his lack of attention and whatever things he comes up with but playing the blame game will not produce any fruit.

Do you think he would be willing to work with you on that? Basically all unfaithfulness and porn needs to be swept out of the way with the necessary repentance and apology for the other. Only then can you begin to build your marital type relationship and work on it.
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