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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

I don't think I'm going to be posting on this thread for awhile. I am very depressed and don't really want to talk to anyone. After he basically blamed me for our financial situation (losing my job) I have felt terrible and useless in that I can't find a job and I can't do anything about my back. He did say it was no ones fault and yet he was saying that he's frustrated.

He always told me it was no problem. He has the funds to cover everything and while it doesn't leave us with a lot, we manage. I feel empty inside and very old. I look at my face in photos and I have the circles under my eyes and I realized I'm never going to look young again. Not that its a big surprise but I'm thinking now that him not making love to me has nothing to do with ed.

I think its because he is no longer attracted to me. I know other men are but that isn't the point. I have never felt such depression in my life. I don't care about anything and I don't want to talk to anyone, especially him. Once again he has changed things and once again he's made it worse.