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Re: Is there something going on?

For what it is worth...when you ran up the stairs and discovered her top being partially tucked into her trousers when found being alone with her boss...well, that is all the proof I would have needed to raise the roof. Why else was her clothing disheveled except to try and quickly hide evidence of their activities? I imagine if it were not for those squeaky stairs, you'd have seen much more but thank God you were spared that much. Most people would have already "known" simply by the fact that the cell phone was so guarded and messages were always erased...not to mention the extra time she spent with him even whilst on vacation. Sheesh!

I would tell her to hand over her cell phone and to quit her job immediately...and if she refuses or gives you any crap...or has the audacity to blame shift and accuse you of any wrong doing, I'd tell her it would be best to pack her things and leave. Checking her cell phone can hardly be considered as wrong doing in cases such as this...and the fact that she was always diligent to erase her trails was all the proof you ever really needed.

Best Wishes
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