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Re: Renewing our wedding vows

Hi Dawn,

The first thing that strikes me is that your husband is trying, in his way, to show you that he really values your mariage - the trouble seems to be that you both speak very different "love languages"! You want time and attention - he wants to make grand gestures etc.

I'd start by reading the article here on the site about love languages, and perhaps buying the book. Let him find it lying about, or, if you can, see if he'll read a bit with you.

You could also talk to the priest whose going to do the service, and see if they offer the Marriage Course or similar - would your husband be open to "preparing" to renew his vows?

I think the key thing is too say "yes" to your husband, but make it clear that you see it as something really important, and that you want both of you to put in some work on understanding what the vows really mean for you both. That's probably more important in the long term than the dress etc.

Let us know how things work out

Best wishes

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