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Originally Posted by Helen_uk View Post
He had a shop in The Marlands shopping centre and one in Totton until a couple of years ago , but he sold band merchandise rather than vinyl .

The recession hit him pretty bad so now he just has the websites , which don't come with a 40,000.00 a year rent !

I'm the same with doctors Chamomile ( of which I've seen a lot lately ! ) I do prefer them to be older .. They always seem more experienced then .
Hi Helen xoxoxox

Shame about the recession and unique stores hit hard by it There used to be more interesting stores and when their lease runs out, they seem to be forced out. It's excellent your man is wise enough to continue online to keep ppl happy with rock music merchandise. xxx

What you said made me re-think, thank you, Helen. xx I'm no good judge of character when it comes to medical professionals. (I'm in fact quite naive in that front x) Are you seeing any Specialists at the moment? (please no need to reply on here due to lack of privacy) Please DO email me if you can, Helen.

I agree, there are doctors who seem to understand patients well and others who just irritate patients LOL LOL

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