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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

Originally Posted by 1aokgal View Post
I think that volunteer work is a great thing. I worked a phone line years ago at a Suicide Crisis Centerand often manned the overnight shift as that was a high stress time for callers. I was a full time mature working student, and had just had met my husband. He took me to morning coffee more than once when my nerves were jangled from those calls. It was good to help others.

So if you can, beyond your own troubles, lift anothers' burden or go beyond self, than do it. We talk about what we wish was different. Make it different for yourself. Truth is, we can't change another. Let them be reponsible for their own space and choices. I will live for me. Perhaps that is selfish? It seems fruitless to ask another to give you what they will not. I am happy with my space and what I have around me. It does take a little work to think through to serenity.

I'm not sure but I seem to remember Pat is working full-time?

Greetings Pat. Enjoy the supportive Room
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