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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

Hi Chamomile,

I have a lovely specialist in Coventry and also an excellent GP, whom I've been a patient of since I was 15 so he knows me inside out, literally ! I have a temp doctor in S'oton at a good practice and who've seen me quite a few times whilst I've been at my fiancÚ's ... they've also arranged hospital appointments for me here when necessary , which is above and beyond what a temp GP would normally do.

I'm more comfortable talking to medics who are older than me ( younger ones feel like I'm discussing things with my son ! ) but of course as we get older, doctors, along with policemen seem to get younger lol.

As far as mental health care is concerned it's even more vital you feel comfortable with the person you're confiding in , so it's not just about qualifications . ... although I would recommend they be registered with their professional body ( just in case of complaint ) . I've had more than one psychologist treat me for depression as the first ones I didn't feel comfortable with. I think you make much better progress if it feels they have empathy for you.
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