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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

Hi All..

Pals are wonderful and always good for a laugh and a lift. It was funny, but I woke this morning from nightmare and was so glad to find it wasn't real! Someone stole my purse, wallet, with all credit cards and cell phone. In the dream I ran around in this business and managed to locate the now empty bag. I was distressed as I searched for a phone to report the cards stolen so they couldn't be used. My little Schi Ztsu dog, Cleo, who died years ago, was in the dream and I had insecurity to lose her as well.

Now, there is symbolism in dreams. A purse dream means SEX. That is a disappointment! How come I don't get a spicy visual sex dream like Baroness? I think this night time drama resulted from my expensive car repair last week. Then I had to spend $750 to replace a needed pool cleaning machine yesterday. A dream was in response to those concerns and the fact I will need to produce more in my business to compensate for extra expenses. The only part of the dream that wasn't bad, was I got to hold in a big hug that funny sweet little dog with her fur flying as she jumped into my lap. She had one albino eye and was a quite funny looking little dog. I was broken hearted when she died and kept a ribbon bow she wore in her topknot after her grooming trips. The dream reunited us for a hug of her furry body and a face lick. That part was wonderful.

We all have concerns for the insecure reality of our lives. The rich worry about how they will keep more of what they have, and regular people worry about how we get from one crisis large or small to the next. I see possibility in everything I can do to improve a situation. My business is my creativity as I locate a buyer for what I can produce. Sure beats the years I stood on my feet and worked for another! It is just that I have to keep control of my time and put it to good use. Since I enjoy to make things all I have to do is match an outlet to the product. Right now consignment shops seek fall goods and I have started to reduce the closets and get rid of the extra. One can donate all that extra stuff to a charity outlet and take the tax writeoff, which is easy, or press and hang clothing and get them to a shop.

I also cut clothes apart and use the fabric for a handbag lining or small lap quilts. My daughter dropped off her used blue satin bridesmaid dresses. I can sell them or there are some great material for Victorian bonnets and lining material. When I was super poor, years ago and moved in with a relative, I got my little sewing machine and made 57 patchwork Teddy bears with button eyes and cute embroidery noses. I sold them all in a few days and had orders for more. Creative women can
see possibility everywhere. How we define life is whether we can make something better from what we have.

My daughter who has a great job, moonights home decorating jobs with her buddy for other friends. Then on the side of all that she bakes the most gorgeous decorated cakes for others. Her creations are impressive with sugar flower bedecked cupcakes and sweet candies and makes a constant flow of sideline income with her customer orders. She removed all her cable TV stations, as she said she didn't need to spend the money, and doesn't have time for TV. Her favorite times are really long bike rides with several friends and she stays in geat shape with that. So creative women can make a difference with great ideas to change an attitide of poverty. Life is possibility and unlimited in resources.

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