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Re: Married and lonely

I can't think that Sasha's husband is just looking at some magazines as bad as that would be. I would bet that it is computer porn. Could also be dvd.

Yes we should be able to look at the female form in all it's beauty but alas we are fallen creatures and can lust, hence our lives, I speak as a man, need to be ordered. PB was certainly a kind of cultured porn of it's day but porn nevertheless. Don't tell me it was for art's sake as that is an excuse that many use in these days to peddle porn. "This is not porn it is art or erotica". Yes but it has the same effect. Yes there is a place for art but even that will arouse certain of us depending on how it is done and therefore we need to know ourselves.

The tragedy of it is that porn usage eats away at the marriage and seriously affects the normal sexual drive a man should have for his wife through the diversion of the drive. Hence it is a kind of mental adultery and a robber of the intimacy a husband and wife should enjoy between themselves. Jesus knew about this when he talked of looking at another woman in a certain way.

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