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Re: Married and lonely

The pictures in these mags (and there are many many such mens mags) are women posed in certain poses to incite lust. They are clothed(or not clothed) in provocative clothes designed to promote lust. Their body positions and facial expressions are to incite lust, very sexual. Very far removed from any art. Yes it is considered 'soft porn' these days, but thats because standards have dropped so much in 3O years and,and so much really hard core porn is now available on line, including child porn, porn films, men with men, and women with women, sexual sadism etc etc. However that doesnt mean that mens mags are not porn, it just means that the worlds moral standards have gone down and down.
Porn of any sort is wrong and very damaging to the one looking at it and their families. Most porn users will go to more and more degraging porn to feed their lust. Even if they dont, the mags are bad in themsleves. No married man should look at women who are barely clad (or not clothed at all) to get their kicks. Its unfaithfullness and its also degrading for the wife.
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