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Re: Married and lonely


You first posted about this back in April . Has anything changed since then ? Can I ask why you think your H is an idiot ?

It seems to me you have very little love for him, if any at all so for me that begs the question : Why are you continuing with the marriage ?

Whilst it's true , from your description, he isn't putting much into the marriage and it would appear he has no plans to alter that any time soon I would have to say if it were me I'd leave.

In fact that's pretty much what I did do when it became apparent that things in my last marriage had reached the point of no reconciliation. I worked hard for quite a few years to try to fix the problems we had but to no avail and at some point you have to make a decision about whether the marriage is tenable or not.

It does seem that neither of you are really getting much out of it or appear very happy , so maybe it's time to make that decision ?
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