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Re: Married and lonely

Dear Forever..

That must have been devastating for you in that young marriage. I do think that unless a man has a very firm moral foundation that profession is hard on marriages for the temptations these men find out there.

My family has two policeman. One is my daughter, and the other the father of her child. That was already over while she was pregnant. She realized she made a terrible choice and did not chooose to marry. By the time the child was born, he already had another woman expecting a child. She was 18, and realized that 32 year old 2X married guy with other children, was a poor choice. He has the morals of an alleycat and married this other woman. While he has been good to his children, he sets a poor example for them.

I think these men keep much inside because of drama in the job environment. That makes it easier to live a double life. There was also a study to suggest many live with post traumatic syndrome, similar to men in battle zones, who have flattened emotions which is why they could be drawn to porn for the adrenelin in responses.

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