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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

I have never said I hated him, Chamomile, and I wish you would stop badgering me about this thread and bringing up stuff that's in the past. Are you having a bad week or something? As for living here, we are on the lease equally and one can not live here without the other because of finances. He can leave or I can leave and it wouldn't be breaking any lease because we live here together.

I have made my decision. I am staying here, I thought I made that clear in the last posting. I love him and he loves me and so I am going to stay here. He has no desire to break up with me (we talked as I told you) and loves me and wants to marry me. I have prayed about this and sought answers and I feel that God wants me to stay here. We are getting along very well and I see him making an effort and I have never had an unpleasant attitude towards him.

I have never showed my unhappiness or frustration and when I did I talked to him about it. This is not a case for legal procedures. We moved in together because we loved each other and that hasn't changed. Gabby has no desire to move on without me in his life and has told me that he wants us to be together forever and I believe him. We are talking more now and I got good news today about an additional money source that I will be receiving.

It isn't a lot of money but it will be every month and I am so relieved. He does not sleep on the sofa because he wants me to be comfortable or whatever you may think or imply. I told you long ago that he sleeps out there because of his snoring and he goes to bed earlier and there's probably another reason but I don't know it. Its no big deal and I wish everyone would quit acting like it is. We get along and have talked about things and so this is what I am doing.

I don't understand where some of you get the idea that I hate this man. I've never said that. You have to admit that the change warranted my feelings at the time. I've said that I care for him and that he is a nice man. He isn't waiting for me to move on and in fact; would be quite upset if I did. I have decided to stay and make the best of this situation. It is not a hardship on me because I feel this is what God wants me to do.

He has not removed the love but intensified it to a certain degree and it it doesn't work out then so be it but I am in this relationship and we are doing fine together. I'm giving him another chance and I am happy with him even thought it isn't the way I would like it but people change and so do relationships. I don't know why the main subject on this thread is now about how I shouldn't post on this thread or its changed or whatever.

No one is forcing you to post on here, I thought we were all friends in a way and cared about each other and wanted to help each other, but what I'm hearing now is condemnation and things being thrown back in my face and surely this isn't the reason for this post or even a christian thing to do.

Gabby and I have been through a lot together and both of us has changed. I feel like I should stay with him because I still love him. Yes, a lot of things bother me but i'm sure things bother you about your mate also. I've been married twice so it isn't like I don't know what its like to be married. We are going to get married when he wants to and he still wants to because I asked him and he looked at me like I was crazy to think he didn't want to marry me.

He said why else would I have asked you 3 times? He also said our time of making love is not over but that he's been going through a lot of stress with finances and his body is getting older and so he's been walking a lot and has been sick. He doesn't know why he gets so tired and he apologized but more than that, he will not discuss. Since I am still attracted to him I have to give us a chance.

If he cheats on me or something then of course it will be over but since that isn't happening and he's quit watching movies with nudity in it and I haven't come into the room and caught him at any m, I think that things are better. I don't know what he does when I'm not in the room but I can't sit around thinking about something that might not be happening.

We've been very happy lately and the only time I get upset is when I come on here and hear someone putting me down for the past or saying things about this relationship that are way off the mark and are not true. Just so we understand each other; I am not leaving him. I don't feel God wants me to do this. He didn't email me from heaven or something but the signs are that he wants me here.

Forever, I agree with you about Joyce Meyer. I have listened to her often and really like her. I feel some people on here need to lighten up a bit like Joyce does. When someone does something wrong and asks forgiveness then we should forgive them and not keep bringing it up. It isn't like I cussed anyone out or anything or committed murder.

I am very close to not posting on here and not because of what Chamomile said either. I come on here because I value some of your comments and opinions but I see no reason for any animosity or judgements. I was raised in an assembly of God church. Maybe some of the people on here are not christians like I think christians should be. All I know is that I believe in the Bible and if God has forgiven me for things, then so should everyone else and quit throwing it in my face.

If anyone doesn't want me on this post then they don't have to post here. I have a right to post on here because I've been doing it for a long time and I already said it has helped me a great deal which was the purpose,I thought. I dont know, maybe people outside of the untied States just think differently or something but I thought we were all christians.

The enemy will use anything and anyone to fight against a person. I don't like being told I should have posted somewhere else and that I should now start a thread somewhere else. I do what I want to do and if it wasn't for some posters on here, I wouldn't be where I am today and I thank them for that. But I am no one's punching bag and I expect respect as a woman and a christian.