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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

You don't have to worry about the 'moderator' closing this thread, none of you do, because I will not be posting on here anymore. How can you say that there have been no hurtful words here or that nothing has been thrown in my face? Chamomile has said in her last two posts that I was trying to be something I wasn't even though I already explained what happened and why and even apologized for it.

And yet she keeps bringing it up in an insulting way and you would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to see that. I don't understand you women. First you are nice and say you understand and then you are telling me i'm not posting right and that I shouldn't be posting at all and it goes on and on and the same thing is said.

Then you say my man doesn't want me and wants to move on when you know nothing about him and label him a selfish man because he doesn't act the way you all think he should. One of you tells me to stay, the other one says to go and then yet another one is still talking about something that was already discussed and settled. I think you like bringing up, what you consider, my faults.

This was my thread for a long time and I don't hear anyone else talking about their problems and their lives, just me, and i'm the one who is told I should start a thread somewhere else. I do feel that Forever and Chosen are christian women and I believe they have tried to help me, especially forever lately. I appreciate all that she's said. I am also thankful to 1aokgal for showing me that my creativity can be an important part of my life.

However; its seems as thought 1aokgal has joined the band wagon as far as saying this thread should be over. I don't know why certain people think they have the authority to say when this thread should be over, but you can now find someone else to try and help and then eventually turn on. The one who understands gabby the most on here is actually Chosen. She saw that he was a kind man and while I thought she always takes the mans side; at least she wasn't insulting him.

If I stay with gabby things will be okay and if I leave it will be okay too but I am not here because i'm helpless and can't support myself. I am not trapped here because I don't have anywhere else to go. I always have family and friends even though I don't like to impose. I would never stay with a man because he was supporting me, and gabby would never support someone he didn't love.

At least he doesn't say things to hurt me like some of you do and he respects me in the way he treats me and talks to me. Does he have issues? Yes. I have never heard of christians acting and talking the way you ladies do. I would never say anything like some of the things you have said to me or suggested or even told me to do.

I tried to tell myself you had my best interests at heart but a lot of you are just judgmental and a bit critical and I would never have expected that from christian women. That isn't how a christian is supposed to act. What does the bible say? Not to judge and to do everything in Love as in 1st Corinthians 13. You don't put a person down or put them on defensive, you are supposed to build them up and if you can't say something good, then say nothing at all.

We are supposed to lift one another up as Christ would have us do, not point the finger at us and treat us like less of a person just because we did something you don't approve of. I have said that gabby and I are perfectly happy and that I was going to stay with him and yet you still post something negative. I just don't understand it. You don't think and talk like I do, I always try to put the others feelings above my own and I would never say some of the things you do.

Since I will never come back on here I will never read what you have posted in response to this. At this point you are doing more harm than good and I don't need that in my life. So a few of you can go on being critical of the next poster, like you are better than they are, and maybe the next one won't be as strong as me and you will really do them damage.

I caution you not to do this. There are many women in trouble out there and they do not have my strength and intelligence and if you pull this on them they could go out and commit suicide or something. You have to be careful with your words and for God sakes, think before you speak. Jesus. Anyway,I do want to thank Forever for trying to help me and don't worry because I've been through worse than this and made it through.

Chosen, I thank you also although we've had words, or should I say I've had words since you just ignored them. I think things are going to work out with gabby. I believe we will get married and that we will have a sex life again. I've already stated that we've talked about it. I just can't leave a man I love and am still attracted to and I still believe that God will bless this relationship.

Perhaps all of you should stay out of California. We don't like people to talk to us like you do. We are very independent here and don't crumble just because a man has let us down. I am made of stronger stuff. Some of you have helped me in the past but you are no longer doing so. I have a great day and then come on here and get depressed by some of the things you say to me and then act like it was no big deal and i'm just being defensive.

Throughout this whole experience and being on this thread; I have never doubted myself for one minute. I like myself and what I stand for and I would never let a man walk all over me nor would I treat a man differently than I would expect to be treated. Personally, I think some of you need to get a life because all you seem to do is come on here to hear other people's problems and then be self righteous when they confess they might have screwed up.

For the record I do not regret moving in with gabby or loving him outside of marriage. I wasn't ready to be married and as I have said, I was not walking close to God then. I've had 2 divorces, I certainly wasn't going to jump back into the fire pit with out knowing what I was getting into. I'd never lived with a man before marrying him before, and maybe that was the problem because you never know what you're going to get.

Anyway, gabby is still attracted to me and as bad as some of you think our relationship is and what a loser he is; one thing remains. We love each other and this love has lasted through a lot of things in ten years, this is the kind of love that people are looking for, this is the kind that lasts and that you hang onto no matter what happens.

For better or for worse you stay with someone you love. Gabby has treated me better than any man and i've told you that before. This is my last entry and I have to say goodbye. I'm sorry I didn't fit into the little peg in the hole that you wanted me to but i've been thinking for myself since I was ten years old.

I'm beautiful and sexy and intelligent! The world is my oyster!