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Re: child produced from affair with married man

He is not the kind of guy that like to be told. If I set some kind of conditions to him, he will feel being controlled and he hates it then he will leaves me. I dont want to be a woman he thought I am, that is controlling etc. BUt you are right with all those boundaries to be set. I dont know how I can discuss this with him without him trying to shut me up or walk away.
I was even thinking maybe I should tell the OW myself or even trying to talk to his mom. BUt if he knows that I do that then he will get very angry with me and thinking that I am trying to change him or control him again. then he will walk away from me. I dont want that to happened. I feel like I am hanging in the fine line and anytime it can break and it will break me in the end. No support from my friends anymore and I have no one really to talk to about this. I am really hoping this forum can somehow help me to be strong with the decision I take to work on my marriage. Maybe in future if things work out then we will live together again. but at this moment everything seems to be in the air. He doesnt know what will happened when the child is born and how he or me will react to this mess. He knows it is a mess and he is not a good man to handle this, very selfish indeed. Please pray for me, show me some light, some hope maybe or a way for me to handle this and be strong.
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