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Re: child produced from affair with married man

Unfortunately he is not religious. I think he believes in God somehow. I pray for God to show me the way and to give me strength to go thru this. Please pray for me. I have a strong faith in Him and every time I speak to Him, I can feel God is with me. I keep looking for the answer if I should work on this marriage or walk away. It's been really heavy on me but I love him and I know my H loves me too and because of the strong feeling we have for each other, we tend to not wanting to let go of each other. Unfortunately bad things has happened but it can't be reversed now so I'm looking of a way to go past and move forward. God is my only strength and hope. I have no one to talk too so I'm looking forward to hear good advice or success story like my problem. I still have hope even though it sounds crazy
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