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Re: Am i sinning and how do i stop?

We can label behavior until cows fly but the truth is not all problems are an easy fix. I don't agree that a person with inner problems is cruel and mean, or selfish and uncaring either. God may have other things to take care for then to police our various bedrooms.

My husband has shown me in a thousand ways through the years that he is a kind and loving man who puts me first in most situations. I agree he could use a head fix or a penis fix (or both), but at this stage in life, I long ago forgave him for shortcomings or missed performances. If I kept your mantra in my head, I would be a bitter person who has resentment and cynicism. We change all we can in life to meet our expectations but we also learn to modify that by reality, and adjust. I see my 34 years with this man as blessed. A critical, waspish woman might pick apart all the good things there are to celebrate in such a marriage, to bully and push, until there is nothing left. If one gives advice here, let's also say sex is not ALL of love nor the best part of love.
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