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Re: Recently separated after 17 years of marriage honest advice and views needed

Originally Posted by notDoneYet View Post
There is always an objective to these things. I think you hope it'll mean she'll begin a dialogue with you in the hope for reconciliation. I'd bet my next mortgage payment on it.

That may happen. This could be the point she says "I want to come home".

Or not.

And it's more likely not. Sorry mate.

Get writing and post it here first.

Then let it go.

Man hugs.
I don't want her home, I couldn't trust her at the moment, it would be a hell of a long time before that would ever happen even if she begged and pleaded she would need to prove herself trustworthy now, yes of course I would love her back in my life but not in my home or in my bed, we would need to re-build the attraction starting as friends only and see where that takes us, I wont be posting my email on here thanks though I appreciate the offer but I have a good friend looking over it for me once I get around to doing it that is, tbh I'm not that fussed at the moment I think I'm getting more used to being alone which in itself is a huge step for me hence my slight lethargy and lack of motivation, don't get me wrong I have plenty of down times but not nearly as many as previously, and I have this feeling something good is going to happen to me.
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