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Re: Recently separated after 17 years of marriage honest advice and views needed

Originally Posted by notDoneYet View Post
[evil eyes]. Yes, I know what you mean.
Just remember the grass is green but the sky is BLUE!
Paradise is green but the ruddy sky is grey, at least where I am today it is (again), it's the last few hours of BST and you can flaming well tell, had a good night out with the chaps last night, had a good gargle and lubricated my tonsils for the first time in a while, just what the doctor ordered, got up early nipped in to town had my brekkie out, can you believe my regular weekend brekkie joint has changed from the old greasy spoon to a poncey arty farty café selling panninis, caffe latte and capucinos ?, I wanted a mug of tea or instant coffee in a blue and white hooped mug, bacon, black pudding, sausages, mushrooms, and tommies, nope they don't do that any more, I had to have a ruddy toasted tea cake and a pot of tea that was as weak as gnats piddle, whats the world coming too ?, where are all my old haunts going ?, they have even demolished one of my very few town centre favourite battle cruisers, it's been there since the 1700's now the stupid lefty liberal namby pamby council think it's unsafe, utter rubbish it's always been like that, I used to love standing at the bar in the vault with a pint of mixed with a corned beef butty and oickled onions talking to Dave behind the bar with Radio 2 on inth background, you knew where you were with a place like that, now its a municipal car park, flaming nowt left of it, I didn't even get my hands on the dart board it all went in a skip, what is the world coming too ?, when is that first one way ticket to Mars going on sale ?.

Ps, Oh crumbs its going dark and its the last day of BST, tonight I will pray to Santa Marjia, San Nikola, Allah, U Gesju that we all make it through the forthcoming darkness of autumn and winter and we all stay healthy and well in order to reach the brighter days of sprig 2016, god bless us and all of you dear dear people, may allah u gesju look over us all, sahha kuljum u imhobok kulhadd, narhalkolm u inseeli ghaliek RG xx.

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