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Re: Recently separated after 17 years of marriage honest advice and views needed

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They are dong you a favour, that meal is deadly for your body. Sausages and bacon and other processed red meat cause bowel cancer for a start.

No point praying to any of those except God?Jesus because they are dead.
If you ate it every day then of course it's not going to do you any favours, but blimey I do it once in a blue moon, I normally have muesli for breakfast, and it's nice once in a while to have a cooked breakfast cooked by somebody else other than cooking for ones self all the time might put a bit of meat back on my bones, I especially love a cooked breakfast in Ireland complete with white pudding and fresh soda bread and a pot of tea like my mum used to make so stewed you could stand a spoon up in it delish !, my lunch was boiled rice, prawns, mackerel, and crab off the fish stall in the market.

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