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Re: Not so newlywed and don't know anymore

This is one of those many times where red flags were seen and yet you married her anyway. Now you are sadly paying the price.
She seems VERY immature, and the words 'spolt brat' spring to mind. She is acting like a 3 year old to be honest and is very selfish. WAs she an only child? Did her parents let her get her own way a lot?

yes she is also very abusive and I have to wonder if you will survive mentally and emotionally if you remain being abused and treated in such an appalling way.

IF I were you I would tell her that you are on the verge of leaving and ending the marriage, that you cant take any more, but if she agrees to go to both individual counseling for her own many issues, AND marriage counseling together as well (long term), you will stay for now and see what happen. If she refuses then I think for your own sanity you need to separate before you have a full nervous breakdown.

BTW dont even think of children, it would make the situation 100 times worse, and then a poor child will be subject the the same abuse as you are.

Not sure why you mentioned an annulment, that's for those who havent consummated the marriage.

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