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Re: Is She Still Cheating?

I made an error last night (Sunday night). At family dinner (20 pax), I threw out my temper at her. I was very tired (around 10 pm). All my in-laws (parents and her siblings) called her later and told her I had not respected her. This was what happened ....

1. She took me to my favourite restaurant for breakfast. It was a very nice breakfast and I thanked her for her time and company. We went home and I feel asleep at 10.30 am and woke up at 2.30pm .... she was not at home?

2. I played cool and did not want to let her know I was already up and waiting for her as we have a family dinner at 7.30 pm that evening. She got home at 6.30pm and I asked where she went? She said nearby shopping mall to pick up a facial powder. I asked when you go there? She said 4.30pm ..... full of s**t.

3. We changed and left for dinner with family, she was looking very tired. They (her family members) had a whiskey jamming session ... her siblings was waiting for her to finish her drink and she was struggling to. I was surprised since she was a good drinker .... unless she was out binging earlier in the afternoon.

4. I walked over to their drinking table, took my wife's glass and poured it away. Told her in a loud voice "now, go home !" Silence in the dining room. I walked out of the dining room followed by her.

I felt bad and will make a trip to my parent-in-laws to convey my apologies.
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