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Re: Please pray for me

Hi Chosen. yes nothing has changed one bit in any respect, still hiding her light under her bushel, no D ever mentioned ever thank god, got a great new priest though, she mailed me Thursday nice as pie asking for certain things of importance to her from the house, good luck with that after the simple things she has denied me recently over the past few years, in therapy 3 times a week now and only this week have learned a couple of things about myself that I never knew nor thought about, considered, and never acknowledged, therapy consists of 2 times general grief / talking therapy, the other a weekly anxiety support group, when will it end ?, I don't want all this, I just want a normal usual life and not to wake up every day wishing I hadn't woken up again. I keep asking god to let me keep on sleeping or to help me, but I guess he is far too busy dealing with more important things, lets face it the world is very unsettled at the moment for him to cast his eye and attention over some miserable screwed up insignificant bloke in a grotty run down Northern town.

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