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Re: Please pray for me

Originally Posted by Raymond View Post
That's very true Ralph. We sometimes think that God can make someone do something because we pray it. That is really manipulation and doesn't work. I believe we can pray for others for good for them but they still have freewill to receive or reject it. We can pray for ourselves also for God to help us and He will even though it is not always instant.
True. My husband fasted and prayed one day a week for a year to save his first marriage when they were going through a separation(which she wanted not Him). They did get back together, but not long after that she met a 3 times divorced non Christian man who she thought was 'the one' and divorced him. Well his prayer wasnt answered you may think, but it enabled him to get out of a marriage were his wife didnt love or want him any more, and into a marriage were his wife loves him loads. God will always bring good out of bad.
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