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Re: Don't know what to do

if he is emotionally and/or physically abusive then you need to protect yourself and your children. Maybe once you live apart you can ask him to get some help for his anger and go from there. If is wiling to have that help and also have long term marriage counseling there is hope I suppose, but you cant live with an abuser.
It may help you a lot to also get help for the past abuse and marriage situation.

My first husband was angry a lot, very inconsistent, and we too walked round on eggshells, but he never hit me. if he had I would have left immediately. I dont think I realised how much it effected me until I met my now husband. Even though he is the most laid back, patient and easy going man ever, it was still ages before I could ask him things and be honest with him, as I was still afraid of saying something that would make him angry or cause a bad reaction.

If you are suffering then so are your children. it will damage them to live with an angry abusive father. If you have a son he will grow up thinking that is the normal way for men to treat women. If daughters, they will grow up being afraid of men and thinking that its normal for men to be like that and treat them badly.

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