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Hope Springs

OK some coffee shop chat.

My wife and I went to see this film as part of our anniversary which continues this weekend at a resort near Corfe Castle. Our anniversary that is.

We just needed a little outing so I picked this film which was about a middle age couple who had lost touch which each other. She got him kicking and screaming to a marriage counselor at Hope Springs a seaside resort in Maine.

Although a lot of the counselling was about sex neither of us found it offensive because of the way it was treated. It actually helped us to be a bit more frank in these matters between ourselves. Although we did not agree with every single thing, basically we were left with a positive feeling that we must protect the intimacy we have in marriage and not sweep embarrassing things under the carpet.

Obvously a lot of couples do find it embarrassing to talk about sex with each other in a meaningful way although they would do it on the internet. It did underline for me the need to talk with our spouses about intimacy when it's needed or when there is a problem instead of switching off from them.

Any other views?

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