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Statistics read that the 7 year point is considered a danger area in marriage. Personally, I think the first 5 years are generally still in the honeymoon phase. It is surprising to see here many marriages of less than two years are often in trouble. I guess the statistics still reflect there are no guarantees in marriage and still 50% of marriages end in divorce.

It is also true today, there are more adults who choose not to marry but to live together as a primer for marriage. These arrangements actually show that most do not result in a later marriage and the couples split. These were entered into with the best intent at the inception. I think cohabitation is for sure a mistake for most women. Since there is no contractual bond between these people many who live together won't work through issues, but choose to bail out.

It would seem there would be less divorce or relationships that end badly, if the couple agree to attend premarital classes. Issues that can cause problems are discussed. How do people handle finances? How do they relate with others and family? Are there issues that the couple are reluctant to discuss in the blush of courting? I think the classes are a great idea and the marriage enrichment classes benefit couples.

In response to why I say 15 years together might be a good example of a working marriage is because it simply has survived. These couples have found ways to adapt and flourish in a difficult world. I also think some people just choose to be happy with whatever is their lot. Other people
can be always be moody depressive individuals who can't make adjustments to live with another.
It is where we choose to find ourselves in some cases. Again, this is my personal opinion.

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