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I'm really glad my parents let me have the fun to go with other kids in the neighborhood to the carnivals, church hall festivals, and super Halloween parties, plus a couple hayrides that gave me great childhood memories. Neither my siblings, nor my friends ever ended up as card carrying members of a local witch coven! It did us no harm to drag home our pumpkin carved lanterns, silly costumes and bags stuffed with candy from our forays door-to-door to other parents houses, who gave out the goods for kids, to have the fun of this yearly event. It was sheer joy, once a year for a couple hours, as we knocked on others' doors and showed off our unique costumes.

Our shopping malls got into the fun of it by adding giant kid Halloween events along with costume contests. We usually saw a few scary movies that week about ghosts and goblins and Casper the Friendly Ghost was a popular costume. There was competition for the craziest costume creations. We saw some real artist created ones, like Frankenstein and other monster movie costumes.

My children had a few costumes that were special. Since I was not well off at that time, I once took down my kitchen curtains...white ones with thin red stripes and little red bauble trim. I sewed a great clown costume for my 4 yr old son. He wore a wig (made crazy standing up on end) with silly stuff in it and a bright red plastic nose. That look got him a ribbon mention for his costume!

There were no curtains for awhile, until they could be replaced with new. My son kept the that cute photo in his album along with other fond family photos. It wasn't so much about Halloween, as the sacrified curtains that made it a good memory.

Christians have been known to be somewhat intolerant. After all, in Massachussetts Colony, they burned little old ladies for cooking with herbs grown in their gardens. A few who nursed the sick with medicines they applied for healing were pretty suspicious too. Likely, it was their fault if the cows didn't give a lot of milk or it rained often and the crops didn't grow as well. So many were hanged or burned at the stake it seems families could offload senile relatives in one clean sweep.

America loves scary movies, Stephen King books and Halloween.

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