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Hi Chosen...

I see Harry Potter books and such in the realm of fantasy, like other fairy tales. Red Riding Hood is fantasy, but the analogy is that danger waits for her in the woods as she faces this. Children love the stories and learn life lessons. My daughter heard "Jack in the Beanstalk" so many times! I still groan to think of telling it again as I did bedtimes 37 years ago. I think you are extremist in your views of danger in such fantasy, but I don't fault that you/every parent has the right to make that decision. We come from different cultures. Yours seems more conservative, that's all. Not that one is more right.

History shows that men have killed others in Gods' name. They think they are the best of Christians, as they did in the persecution of innocent people, over the witchcraft belief. Those who hoped to escape religious prejudice and persecution for their faith, carried it right along with them to the new world.

The gay marriage debate is to me rather amazing. I have to shake my head in disbelief and liberals are wrong to agree such laws should be passed. That means the mule is already out of the barn in many states. This law is likely to landslide everywhere. What does that say about our society? I can respect choices in contractual protection for partners, but not marriage. I was personally offended and disappointd when prayers were removed from schools and civil assemblies! When even a moment of silence wasn't deemed important.
I wish society remained as innocent and simplistic as it was when I grew up. Today is pretty threatening and sad. Our grandchildren are faced with more complex issues.

The world is in bad shape morally. I guess Christians have to choose their battle grounds to make a difference. I am more concerned right now with other dangers . I guess that law will be a given...though opposed to all of my belief system. War in the middle east seems a bigger issue for the world right now.

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