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Maybe you need to look at this drink problem as it does seriously affect marriages. People are not themselves when they are drunk and can say a lot of hurtful things.

If you are able to it might be worth mentioning that you realise the drink problem. At least acknowledge it to her, and if you were of a mind to get real help, let her know this as well. You might have dealt with this already but it might be worth looking into. She needs to have hope I think that things will not be the same. People need hope in order to carry on. If you can give her real hope that things will be different and you really mean it things might be changeable. She will not want empty words at this stage

Sometimes it is times like this that can galvanise us into real change. It might be worth asking for God's help as I found that He can answer prayer before we are even christians. I don't think we can use Him as a vending machine but if we are really sincere and want the best and are open I believe He will answer.
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