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Re: I don't love my wife and never have...

Hi Squeaky! Indeed you have a dilemma.
For what it's worth, I've been married for nearly ten years, and have five beautiful (most of the time!) children.
I married my wife on the basis of several things:
1. We'd already had two children, and I felt I had to do the 'honourable' thing
2. I'd been offered a job in the US and we needed to marry before emigrating to avoid visa compliations
3. I liked her more than any of the other women I'd been out with since my most 'emotional' relationship ended
She has told me to leave previously and perceives a lack of true love in me. However she also confesses to feeling the same about me! (She also liked me the most of anyone she'd been out with since her most loving relationship ended).
In summary now, if anything we've grown closer together. We're more attracted to one another than we ever have been, have a better sex life (when we manage to find some peace and quiet and energy!) and are about to emigrate to Australia for a 'new life'.
We have heated rows from time to time and both have some emotional hangups, but I can't see things falling apart now - we been through too much and have too much together. I couldn't conceive how upset the children would be if we ever split up.
I think we were both emotionally weak when we met. I probably still am, and she's the more expressive one, both positively and negatively!
I can't really advise you on what to do, but thought it might help if you felt that you weren't alone in having these thoughts.
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