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Re: Redefine the marriage contract?

Originally Posted by 1aokgal View Post
I am glad things are going better for you and that you have strong faith. You have been very honest with your situation. I appreciate your sharing this personal information and hope you find support and advice that helps. Your area of concern is also a problemfor my daughter and her SSA. It was a revelation to me and I met the other person last summer. Let us say I was a bit rocked and needed no explanation for I understood right away. .
Thanks for sharing that. It is a shock for any parent I should think - I know my Mum has never let my Dad find out about me, she says it would destroy him. She knows him best after 42 years! Try looking at if you didn't already find it. That is where a lot of my support comes from, along with my local fellowship. Mr Clockwork is truly amazing ito how he has faced this and helped me to face it.

Originally Posted by 1aokgal View Post
Concerning RP here. I get it the poster enjoys talking about his sex life or non-sex life. Maybe part of the thrill is to go on a Christian forum for shock value? It all comes back to a rant about sex. It is a bit like a teen who just discovered his unit.
Since we are all adults we heard it before. I just don't like to hear it here. I say no style, no substance.
HeeeHeee!!!! Nail on the head!!
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