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Re: Redefine the marriage contract?

LOL, I am actually not a card carrier. I believe it is better to be rejected becasue you dont want to end up with a prude, I would rather have one woman in 20 accept who I am than try to play games. As far as the foot ball player I thought that was funny and exactly why im buying a PPK this week lol, not that I go to partys and say stuff like that but you never know what crazy people will do and you need to be prepared in case someone wants to rob you or assult you, also looking into buying a vector MP5 as well, when you raise the stakes high enough people think twice about there actions, thats what separates amature hour.

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The voice of doom, having spoken, may move on. Pity RP parents did not have this viewpoint. :-(

RP is the poster boy for illogical thinking.

This must be a card carrying mysogynist?

I will take my knowledge of the world through better sources.
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