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Re: Redefine the marriage contract?

Dear Clockwork...

Thanks for sharing. I got a nice call from my daughter today. She says is it OK if she calls me when she gets off work today? We used to always talk when she was on the way to work or when she got home. I have seen little of her for some months.
It has been a sad place for me.

Who else but a mom who sews late into the night, is available to talk at 1:15AM? So she will call me. She told me a few weeks ago her friend had some phsyical problems. I urged her as I said,"If that was my daughter I would press her to get a check-up. Since you care about her , make sure you push her to do it. Sounds like something serious."

I think my daughter is concerned that the friend did get a med done and wants to talk about that. Hope I was wrong that something serious is the problem. The girl is only 27. I told my daughter.."Bad things happen to young people too.....make sure she dosen't play waiting games and gets a checkup."

Anyway...I am not delighted with the situation but I am glad she trusted me enough to be honest. If it is part of her life..she is my daughter.

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