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Re: Wife Wants a Divorce Because Of No Work...

What a shallow reason for a divorce musicworld. Marriage is much more important than a temporary financial problem. Where’s the commitment? Are you telling the whole story? This seems very hardnosed, especially as you are willing to work. Has her head been turned by money or is there someone else?

Unless there has been a pre-nuptial agreement you should get a share of the house etc. You should contact a legal expert on this matter though.

In these days the husband cannot always be the main provider even though he is trying his best. However, willingness is tantamount to doing in my book and should be recognised as such by your wife. It sounds as if you are a christian and she is not? If that is the case you can let her leave according to scripture. If it comes to it you are better fighting the case legally in this instance and I wouldn't leave the house that easily. This sounds like it could get nasty but she has brought it on herself really.

Are you joint owners of the house or is it in her name? Even if it is in her name the courts do look favourable on the other spouse so you are unlikely to be kicked out with nothing.

The saddest part is the breakup of the marriage for a petty reason.

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