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Re: He said I'm not in love with you anymore

There is truth in what 1okgal says Emma. At least on here where we have read that speech (quite a famous speech now) 90% of the time there is another person on the scene who has affected how one feels about their spouse. If there was real committment one wouldn't worry about going through areas where the feelings were not there for some reason. They soon come back when we love on purpose because we have made a covenant to that person to love them.

I am hoping it is some other problem and that you are in the 10% and that there is another reason for this. If there is it needs to be talked about as 1okgal suggests. Sometimes these seperations are opportunities to pursue a life outside of marriage. If there are problems the best way is to work through them together while together. Does he have the will to do that? Love is part of giving people space. One shouldn't need to live somewhere else should they?

I will pray for you that you will have the strength to find your way in these circumstances and that you will know what is actually going on, whether he is speaking the truth or not. Keep your antenna up as 1okgal expressed. There could be something going on at work, on the mobile or on the internet.
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