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Re: I don't love my wife and never have...

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I guess my husband should have left his first wife then? Maybe he should have but even without the religious element, he said he had made promises to her and he wasn't going to break those promises just because the marriage was a disappointment to him.

Maybe it depends on whether you believe God can change things or not? My husband did and he prayed and fasted one day a week for a year for a miracle. The miracle wasn't what he thought, she found another man and divorced him, but God used that to set Him free from that marriage.

If we trust God, He will use bad situations for our good in my experience. He will show you clearly what He wants you to do if you give it all to him and trust Him.
Do you really believe God's miracle for your husband was to have his ex-wife get another man? Maybe they just weren't meant to be together and she realized that as much as he did. I believe God can change things, but he also gives us the tools to make changes also. You sound like people in my church who say "pray on it, God will get you that job". I say God gave you a brain to go back to school, get some skills, take a trade...That will get you that job faster than praying ever will.
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