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Re: I don't love my wife and never have...

Originally Posted by magneto View Post
What I mean by worse is different that what you may be thinking. When things were done in the past, of course there is the immediate impact. That's what had gotten me to the point of divorce. But when I sat with the counselor and went through them analytically. I really left those meetings livid. Mind you I never was livid when they were said or done. What made me livid? When I though about all I have done, sacrificed, etc., and then think about the total disregard of that, which would make her say or do certain things, my blood would boil. To me it was like knowing someone killed your kid. That is a tragic thing to get over. But to analytically think about them killing your kid, watching them die, thinking about them screaming for help, them dying alone, your hopes for them takes it to another level. That is what counseling did to me.
Not sure if that counsellor was very good for you it seems, if all you were left with was anger and bitterness and resentment. Was he/she a Christian counsellor using Biblical principles?
Forgiveness is vital for our well being and health. Without it no marriage will ever work.
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