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Re: I don't love my wife and never have...

I see your problem andrew. You have two lovely children and a wife from an abusive, neglectful, childhood. Considering your background I would have thought you would be one of the few who would understand her wounds from the past and would be in prime position for her to be healed through the acceptance and love you could offer. She must feel your holding back from the commitment which should be there in marriage.

The words you never, you always are not confined to Aspergers Syndrome people. These are common mistakes that a lot of married people make.

Sometimes the label Aspergers Syndrome can be a mental block for people. Most of these people have a double dose of a certain temperment more than made up for by their intellectual powers and attention to detail.

Somehow she is in the judgment dock awaiting sentence from you, a sentence that would involve you deserting your marriage and the best for the children with the extra wounds she will have for life probably.

I would be careful not to put everything down to her background and AS. That sounds very cold to me. I think if you fully commit to her and find the ways to love her you would get the full benefit in your life.

My advice is to love and look after the wife you have and work out other ways to pursue the cure to the frustrations you seem to have.

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