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Re: Update for 'Courage to leave my 11 year marriage'

Originally Posted by msjlhunter View Post
I wouldn't say it was easy because it wasn't but I feel so much better now.. I do still talk to him and stay over the occasional night. He has changed so much already, I know this is only a front so I go back to him but I have made it clear that is not what I want...

We are friend for now, whether that will remain in the future I am unsure but I will never go back to him again.. After all, it took me 11 years to get out!
Hi Msj,

If you really don't want to go back to him you might not want to stay the occasional night, as you say. Even if nothing is happening he might get the idea you want to reconcile. Friendly is fine but you might want to draw some boundaries. Just a thought.
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