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Re: I don't love my wife and never have...

Originally Posted by robin
You are right, I have spent many years "forcing" myself to believe it is right and that maybe I will eventually love my husband, but deep down I know it never will.

I have always thought I must be the only person in the world to be feeling like this, I am forever trying to do the right thing both for myself and others, one day I think I might crack up under the strain.
Thanks for your encouraging messages.
Robin, I am curious, what did you end up doing?

For myself, and this goes beyond what you have been posting. I cannot see why anyone should be "forced" to remain in a marriage when they clearly no longer "love" the person or never loved the person they are married to. Why can't people clearly admit that despite being "civil" and ho-hum in the marriage, that they made a mistake in the first place? I am all for saving certain marriages and working hard for their survival, but is it not just plain silly to remain in a relationship where one of the partners don't want to be part of?

I've read other places that some people encourage working through the issues and remaining in it just because the other person loves them or because you made vows (wc were wrongly made in the first place) etc...

when can one just say - I am not happy and I am not making you happy it's time to separate to ensure we can both find happiness elsewhere....
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