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Re: Hearthbroken-Husband is leaving me

Hi Jo. Thanks for your message. I'm glad to hear you sounding like you are coping although I'm sure like me you just wish you could wake up and find it's just a bad dream.
My situation hasn't changed. We haven't had any interest in the house and neither of us can afford to move out until it's sold so I'm sort of in limbo.
I know I can't start to move on until I have my own place.
I feel like I'm on auto pilot most of the time. Some days like today I just feel desperately sad. A colleague at work who I don't know very well but lives nearby saw the for sale board up and asked why we were moving. I broke down on the stairs at work (never a good look) and felt an idiot and then she felt terrible for asking a perfectly reasonable question.
I've been feeling very down all day since then. Having to tell people makes it real and also makes me feel like such a failure.
I know I don't deserve to be deserted like this. I'm not perfect but he clearly was never committed to our marriage when to me it was for life.
We don't argue, infect he acts pretty normally around me and is probably being more kind Nd considerate that he used to be. I'm under no illusions though that that's just guilt.
I feel the best part of my life is over. I've made a terrible mistake in marrying someone thinking they were as committed as I was.
My parents are both elderly and in bad health too and it's another massive worry to me and I have to put on a brave face to them. It hit me how alone I am now when my mum was taken into hospital a couple of weeks ago and he didn't offer to come with me when I had to rush up there in the night.
Anyway, there's my update. Not very positive I know but you asked!
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