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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

Originally Posted by 1aokgal View Post

I could say almost with a certainty you are right on with this conclusion about these sexless marriages. These men are getting their needs met...alone. When and where the MB becomes everything who can say. It is simple, convenient and without emotional committment.

I never met a man in my life except the one I married with this compulsion.
I wouldn't necessarily blame the sin of a spouse refusing sex on masturbation or he or she "having their needs met alone."

It may be a mental or spiritual problem.

My wife of 11 years has been refusing me regularly the last 5 or so, with only "occaisional" lovemaking. Boy does that hurt.

I'm certainly not "getting my needs met" anywhere else, though of course temptations arise.

I have found this site to be of assistance in this area:

Register and then you can visit the Sexual Refusal section. That subforum isn't open to non registered viewers.

Best wishes to all of you experiencing this problem or abnormality or perversion.

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