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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

Your husband seems a man of very good character OKGal but an enigma as well. Not the type to withold physical love from his wife. I wonder if he was brought up a very good Catholic and somehow got the idea that sex was dirty or selfish. I spent quite a few years in convents and it is easy to get that idea in that enviorment. A model pupil would have more difficulty I would think.

You are wise in seeing the glass half full instead of half empty and counting you blessings. That is a great strength. Who knows whether your love for your husband will heal him in that area in the end? I assume at the beginning that it wasn't the case? In cases where there was never any sex the marriage is said not to be consumated and legal seperation was possible without a divorce, but lets not go backwards as he very much loves you and you him.

If he is a very moral man you could appeal to him through the scriptures which are very clear on not defrauding each other of sex if you are married. I know you have given up but I never do I am afraid.

Keep smiling. enjoy what you do have.

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