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I need help

Hey everyone. My names "George", I'm in the u.s. military stationed somewhere in a distant land. I'm in a very beautiful relationship, I love her with my whole heart. She lives back in America though. In about 5 months I'm going to marry her and I need some small tips and info because I'm thoroughly confused on some traditions and customs.

First of all, do women usually wear an engagement ring even after they're married? if not im not buying one, because we'll be engaged for like a month when I go home on leave. I'd probably get her something that she could wear for years like a necklace or ear rings.

Okay and another tradition, when engaged you put the ring on the ring finger of the right hand correct? what about the wedding ring, and it goes in a certain order right, wedding then engagement? OMG so confusing!!! ha ha

I'm a kinda guy to just roll with the punches but when it comes to this I don't want to mess it up with her. I love her so much, she's the most important thing in my life so some help would be awesome!!! thanks ha ha
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