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Re: Hearthbroken-Husband is leaving me

Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Given the information we have so far, it looks like he just was not ready for marriage...yet did not have any concrete reason not to just go ahead and jump in after the gambling issue was disclosed. Maybe he was getting pressure from friends or relatives to do so (after seven years of being together) and just went with the flow, or he just figured it was the "right" thing to do for YOU since he could see how much you loved him.

For him to act jealous and suspicion about you possibly cheating....actually trying very hard to catch you at it, makes me think that he has had regrets for a long time and perhaps if he could have caught you, then he would have a good reason to "pull out" of the relationship without trying to figure out the real reasons why he does not want to remain in it, even though you do.

I have a similar view on this.

Was he ever in love with Daisy? Love is complete when both ppl loving each other but it is not exactly workable when one being in love and the other loving the other like a "friend". If he was never in love with Daisy but he wanted a relationship so that he won't get "lonely", it's not exactly a solid foundation to build any lasting relationship.

Did he ever propose to you in an earlier stage of this relationship? Some unmarried couples buy a house together whilst living as cohabitants. If that leads to a successful marriage or not, I don't know. In your case, you decided to marry after seven years in a relationship. 7 years is such a long time before deciding to marry? He wasn't exactly in a hurry to marry you?

About his gaining weight. Men do have a tendency to put on some weight when he's happy and is more relaxed once he found a mate in a secure relationship. If your h is busy with his work and is working long hours then, he might be tempted to have more "munchies" at lunch time? He might want to consider adding some exercises if he can?
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