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Re: Hearthbroken-Husband is leaving me

Hi Daisy,

I'm just checking in to see how you are doing. Your situation seemed so similar to mine. I have had the occasional good day when I have approached something like feeling happy and haven't thought about my wife at all. I guess time can be a healer, or you just get used to them not being around. I'm not saying that I don't miss her or having that special person to share my life with.

Something that helped me quite a bit was to change the flat around quite a bit especially changing the sofa where she used to sit. The flat looks less like she has popped out for a pint of milk and I'm just waiting for her to come home.

I don't understand why she left me, I probably never will, she says that she stopped loving me, so I guess I have to take that answer, and she never was one for lying. I think she stopped trying, like they say - love is a verb.

I've been trying to think of this in a positive way (hard tho) she could have stayed with me out of guilt or duty and we could have been in this situation in 5 years time and hating each other.

Just my thoughts - I know I've been banging on about my problems but I felt that they might help.

Take care.

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