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Re: Hearthbroken-Husband is leaving me

I'm glad to hear you sounding like you are coping - some days I am am, some days I just don't want to get out of bed. although I'm sure like me you just wish you could wake up and find it's just a bad dream. - every day, every day.

I broke down on the stairs at work (never a good look) and felt an idiot and then she felt terrible for asking a perfectly reasonable question.
I've been feeling very down all day since then. Having to tell people makes it real and also makes me feel like such a failure. - Remember its not your fault, Love is a verb, it's not something you have or are given, it's something you do and unfortunately your husband (and my wife) stopped.

I know I don't deserve to be deserted like this. - You don't. If someone believed in the realtionship enough to stand up infront of a vicar/registrar to commit to it, they should be prepared to work at it even when it's not easy.

I feel the best part of my life is over. I've made a terrible mistake in marrying someone thinking they were as committed as I was. - This was kind of the point of my last message, I have felt pretty much the same and could not see my life without Kelda, however on the days when I feel "better" I have realised that it isn't game over and I have the chance to be happy with someone else who will think I am fabulous and although I never though I would be single when I am 40 it doesn't mean I don't have many years of happiness with someone else. I doubt it'll be this year as I'm not the greatest catch at the moment. (being in love with your ex is never a great selling point) but theres many years left.

My worse days tend to happen when I have spent time with her and the good days when I have not seen her for a while, this means that it must be very very difficult in your situation and I would think that you to be able to heal there must be a way for you to seperate. I know that I could not have come as far as I have (which doesn't feel very far) if she was there at the breakfast table every day. After all, if he's leaving you, then he should leave you and stay with a friend or something.

Anyway, there's my update. Not very positive I know but you asked! - take care.[/QUOTE]
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