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Re: child produced from affair with married man

Sillybil you cannot set the controls or conditions Chosen mentions if you are afraid of him leaving. These would be conditions for him staying married to you or else the marriage if finished. Them or me in fact. If you are afraid of him leaving then you have no power to set the conditions which is where you are now. I think it is reasonable to require faithfulness from a husband or else you don't want to be married to him. Living with you is all part of a normal marriage. What wife would agree that the husband lives somewhere else? I think you sell yourself short and put up with things which are not right because you won't set conditions. If he refuses any reasonable conditions then you have to question whether he even values the marriage and where would that leave you?

I see no reason for you to hang on to him unless God is showing you to do so. If He does then I would guess there is a Damascus type experience for him down the road, but you have to be very sure it is God and not just your own weakness in staying with him.
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