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Re: christian to muslim

Geliza, it depends on what country you live and where you married as to what your rights are for this situation. Do you have marriage certificate and birth certificates for your children? Do you understand that if he gets you and your children into some countries, as Saudi Arabia or other Muslim country, you have NO rights as a wife, a mother, OR a Christian woman. You will live under dangerous conditions like under house arrest and with NO legal rights. He can treat you however he wants and you can do nothing about it. You will have no rights as far as your children are concerned or yourself. They take your passport and father gets custody of the children. Those children will be raised under his religion as Muslims . In fact, as a Christian, you may be in physical danger. There are many countries today where Christians are persecuted and murdered by Muslim extremists. You need to protect your children that he does not kidnap them and get them out of the country, without your permission, to a Muslim country. It is truth you will NEVER get them back once that is done. As their mother you have NO legal rights to the children once they are in a muslim country, the father gets the kids.

Cross him off as a liar and an extremist who has deceived you to this point! Do NOT trust him or believe a word of what he tells you. These men who do this have an agenda to get control of the children for Allah. He will ruin your children and put them in danger. These Muslim people are in a Holy War against Christians and as far as he is concerned, you count for nothing. Get some advice on these matters. I do not know what country you live but your consulate might help you as far as what rights you have there. Do you have family to help you? If so, it might be time for you to ask for help and whatever you can get in financial aid where you reside, so you can maintain yourself. I cannot tell you strongly enough, BEWARE of what he tells you, as some men kidnap their children and take the kids to these other Muslim countries. If that occurs, your children will be lost to you forever.

I am sorry for your pain. You are in a very BAD situation. I hope you stay strong and smart and get help on these issues.

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